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Welcome to the personal era

of the Wellness Excellence.

Your Wellbeing.
It really matters.

Prevention is key.

Know the action steps needed to gain control of your health.

Why cure, when you can prevent?

Understand where your health is today, so you can live a better tomorrow.

It’s Personal

Getting to know yourself better than ever before with the most advanced and comprehensive exam in the market. Create a personal roadmap to your optimal level of wellness.


Make health one choice

Health care at the higher level

TheHealthEmbassy® redefines the Concept of Conciergerie HealthCare. Reach beyond high quality care to experience a world of personalized service and technological innovation, all within your reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We provide you with worldwide coverage of our resourceful, always up-to-date, growing network of personal advisors seeking to provide you.


Your personal wellness advocate will manage all aspects of  TheHealthEmbassy® experience with high confidentiality.


We look at your life from all 360 degrees and offer the wellness advice and life coaching that will truly make a difference in your wellbeing.


Extensive personalized check up

Start from €1250

Focus on :

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Wellbeing

Preventive medicine

We aim to reduce the risk of illness, promote early detection and improve your quality of life. We assess the risk of developing a disease and offer the most appropriate treatment. 

Healthy Ageing

We offer several treatments and care to fit your personal needs for you to healthily age in the best ways and circumstances, while enjoying the process of it. 

Personalized treatment

We develop a unique case approach for each of our patients. All of our treatments are completely personalized and designed specifically to meet your needs. 


All of our services are designed for your well being, that’s why we offer exclusif spa sessions and relaxation therapies, that provide to all of your needs. 

The Ultimate in Executive and Concierge Medicine

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