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Welcome to the Revolution.

Step into the revolution of Healthcare where every aspect of your visit has been reinvented to take your health to another level.

There is a plan or program to fit your needs.

A good place to be.

Experience a higher level of care with one of our customized plans that fit your individual needs. Access to many concierge and executive services are just a start when you choose The Health Embassy. We offer personalized care with the latest technology and innovation.

« Our aim is to provide our clients with five-star luxury wellness experience aimed at wellness, beauty, and anti-aging treatments for holistic health and wellbeing. »

Dr Buy – Medical Management

Confident Mature Doctor

Open the door to the future of the Wellness.

Your health.

It really matters.


General Practitioners

Our referent practitioners are available to cater to your health and wellness needs. All patients must have a consultation priority to receiving and treatment. The Health Embassy also offers concierge service.

Advanced diagnostics

Benefit from integrative and advanced diagnosis, thanks to advanced techniques developed by high-level laboratories and professors.

Personalized Treatment

All our treatments are ultra personalized and respond very precisely to your needs, your deficiencies and the results of your results. It is a precision medicine!

Nutrition management

Maximizing one’s health potential through formulated nutritional an lifestyle changes. We focus an creating realistic and effective changes by addressing specific concerns. 

Genetic Testing

A revolutionary non-invasive DNA test which examines the genetic markers that influence weight, immune systems, mood, cardiovascular disease risk, cancer risk, diabetes risk. Our specialists will be in touch to interpret your results.

Mineral Tissue & Heavy Metal Analysis

A precise and non-invasive analysis to detect mineral deficiencies, heavy metal intoxication, and trace elements within the body. An effective tailored treatment plan is provided to ensure detoxifying results for your body.

Care without compromise.

Healthcare at higher level.

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